Converted Ard boy Trukk Archive

Painting the truck

Some updated pictures of the truck, still a little bit work but i’m getting there. This update is on request off Thanks for the¬†good comments.


It looks much better and now I see that I’m missing a bumber on the back

Gork and Mork intervened

But Gork and Mork didn’t agree and I had a vision of a new trukk , one to transport my Ard boys in, and it would have a complete ard top. Plastic card is a dream to work with , you can realy make anything you want, and being my second model to convert with [...]

First stage,bringing the idea to life

The first thing I was going to make was a trukk that pulled a big car, this would be a scenery peace or an objective marker, the idea wass that a MekBoy would be on a mission to bring all the looted stuff in his Trukk to the other side. And for scenery it would [...]

First things first

The new ork trukk bitz are amazing but I don’t want to make 2 identical trukks. So I bougth me a bunch of trukks to convert them into all differend ones. I’m going to add pictures later ’cause they’re on my brother’s camera.