Constructing Warhound Scout Titan Archive

Positioning the legs

Whit this wooden construction it’s a dream to glue the legs together in a decent position. If you don’t use something like this it’s impossible to put it into a realistic pose, and with some plasticine I made sure the feet were in the right place. The legs are rather easy to pin , of [...]

Pain in the ****

It has been a tough day yesterday, I was going to glue the legs together and now I realise it’s gonna take more then an evening to do this. You need like ten hands . So Bloodmask came with the idea to drill holes through the joints , and this worked out perfectly. I looks [...]


Allready had to add plastic card between the back and the front of the body, otherwise the whole thing was to small and the top wouldn’t fit. I can’t glue the parts in the head until I spray and paint the detailed parts, ofcourse it would be impossible to paint the plates next to the [...]