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Death wing apothecary

Working on the arm for my apothecary , i like to add some some lightning claws or maybe a thunder hammer and storm shield. The next for my command squad is the stander bearer.

The end is coming.

Cities of death (city testing) 13/03/2011

This battle is a friendly game between David and Tim. Its just to see how the city is working out in game play and how much i still need to make. To be honest its beginning to look very good , here and there some final detail with plastic card en lots of paint. Don’t mind the grey knights in some of the pictures [...]

Round 1 Battle 2

The second battle of the campaign was David against Tim and it was exciting until the end. Objectives needed to be taken, only in the last round I (David) made a breakthrough to capture some objectives, and had luck with my drop pod that  landed in the 4th round, and this right on top of a empty [...]

Round 1 battle 1

The fiste battle Kurt against jurgen. Not much to say be course i dint note down the details but hope in the other battles i will have more time to note stuff down. Results : Won : Jurgen